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Savanah Willow: A Note To Visitors

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Artist Statement: A note to the visitors and villa owners who can’t help themselves, but be on vacation mid-pandemic. Have decency and respect for the community you are visiting — wear your mask everywhere.

If you came off a plane, know that you may have been infected regardless of passing the “temperature reading at the airport,” act accordingly. #MaskUpVI

"I created this piece in response to visitors choosing to travel for vacation even while "stay at home" orders were issued across the United States and World in an effort to control the spread of Covid-19. When the U.S. Virgin Islands re-opened to visitors again, some vacationers gave grocery clerks, service staff, taxi drivers in direct contact with traveling guests a hard time by resisting or outright refusing to wear masks in public spaces. Their actions showed a clear disregard for human life in the Virgin Islands. Let me know if that works or you need anything else."

Artist Biography: I believe in digging deep to uncover our vulnerabilities and shine light on our authentic selves. I believe in grabbing onto the tiniest ordinary moments and letting them become extraordinary as they guide us to feel more, be more, and live more. Inside the candid moments is where we discover our truest happiness and our most beautiful vulnerabilities -- in solitude with our partners; surrounded by our families; cozy in the comfort of our sanctuaries.

The love, the quirks, the imperfections that happen here are the sacred moments we must hold onto forever. A single photograph that captures the light blanketing those moments can harness the power to ignite laughter, inspire happiness, and instill feelings of nostalgia for that time in our lives when we felt pure joy, helping the feeling to carry on forever.

Savanah Willow, St. John-U.S. Virgin Islands

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