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HOW TO MEET A PLAGUE by Tregenza Roach


Lt. Governor Tregenza A. Roach, Esq. was born in Sandy Point, St. Kitts and moved with his family to St. Thomas, United States Virgin Islands when he was eight years of age. His writing is in many ways a celebration of each island, the people and cultures which have altogether shaped his life. Roach earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism from the University of Missouri-Columbia and a law degree from the University of Connecticut at Hartford. He is the author of The Blessing of Rain and Other Poems and co-author of All This Is Love. His creative work also has been published in a variety of journals to include several volumes of The Caribbean Writer, a publication of The University of the Virgin Islands, Calabash Journal of New York University, POUI, the literary journal of the University of the West Indies, the Seabreeze Journal of Liberia, Tongues of the Ocean, Yellow Cedars Blooming, and Seasoning for the Mortar. While he writes primarily poetry, his short story Sara of Sinoe was chosen for the Margaret A. Walker fiction prize by the Detroit Writers Guild in 1999. Roach also was recognized for his work in the 20th edition of The Caribbean Writer with his selection for the Marguerite Cobb McKay prize. In 2009, the St. Thomas-St. John Library Association selected him for its Distinguished Caribbean Writer Award. The Lesson Box is his first book for children.

Lt. Governor Roach is also a politician, attorney and the 12th Lieutenant Governor of the United States Virgin Islands, since 2019. He previously served as a senator in the Legislature of the Virgin Islands from 2013 to 2019. He is a staunch advocate for education, the environment, and the youth and elderly.

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