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Aimee Trayser- Work From Her Covid-19 Album ISOLATION

“Art has something to do with the achievement of stillness in the midst of chaos…an arrest of attention in the midst of distraction.” Saul Bellow

Aimee Trayser, Aimee’s pieces, both mysterious and sensual, are inspired by nature and visions from her dreams. Her collages fuse material elements with the passion and joy of the artists spirit.  “I rarely have a preconceived notion of the finished piece in mind...the collage or painting evolves as the paint dries and the papers transform into these fragments of a colorful vision.”

Aimee creates using layer on layer of exotic and handmade papers. She looks for rich fibers and textures, collecting materials wherever she goes.  She uses acrylic gel medium, rich golden gessoes, liquid watercolors, inks, acrylic pigments, mica particles, metallic powders and opalescent and luminescent paints.  Her expressionistic pieces become light-hearted recipes of texture and pigment.

She works from her studio on St John in the US Virgin Islands, making the Caribbean island her home since 1982.  From her window she gazes at three beautiful neighboring islands emerging from the turquoise sea. With nothing around but mango trees, orchids, and the spicy aroma of bay rum groves, she is easily lost in her expression.  Her art captures the island’s spirit, evoking images of the colorful magic of the Caribbean.

Aimee strives to explore the mystery of the ordinary by taking everyday subjects, land and seascapes a few steps beyond reality.  “As a self taught artist working purely on intuition,” she says, “I like to think that my art is infused with something more than the visual.”  As a coordinated yet soulful effort involving hand, eye and heart, her collages sing a different tune to each of us.

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